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We are very sad to hear of the passing of Mike Laye. Mike was not just a passionate campaigner and an inspiring photographer – he was an important character in the history of the AOP and played an important role in its shape and development as well as having a significant positive impact on all photographers, not just the AOP membership, in relation to the protection and enforcement of creators’ rights.

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AOP guide to Brexit v1.0 is published!

Regardless of whether we get a deal with the EU or not, before the end of this year, there are some things that will change for photographers who work with clients in the EU or who need to travel there to shoot.

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Diane Atkinson Historian copy jpg

EXHIBITION: Shoreditch Pioneers Portrait Project by Tony Hutchings

A new Shoreditch Pioneers photographic exhibition that showcases portraits of over 150 people who live and work in Shoreditch, is being featured on a large outdoor screen at the Photobook Cafe in Leonard Circus, Shoreditch, London until 11th December.

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Get your free advent goodies from BikiniLists...

The Bikinilists Elves have been hard at work, creating our 2020 Advent Calendar with free creative treats and goodies up for grabs each day!

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Rowan Fee

BUSINESS & LEGAL BLOG: Artificial intelligence, machine-learning and copyright...

We recently made a submission to a call for views from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and copyright - you can read that here, if you wish. A.I. is making its presence felt in many aspects of image-making already, most notably in smartphones, but also in software like Adobe's Photoshop where one can 'create' additional image elements like skies and textures at the click of a mouse. There is currently no consensus on the definition of A.I. and the IPO's reliance on one alone is not indicative at this point of government's interpretation of the term.

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Cashflow Manager logo JPG copy

AFFILIATE FOCUS: Cashflow Manager

We catch up with Affiliates Cashflow Manager who's aim is for people to spend less time on their books and more time developing their businesses, which is surely music to all our ears!  Taking the pain away with their specially developed accountancy software for small businesses, we find out more about their offering and what it is that makes them unique.

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Someone else s mother DEF copy

FOCUS: Caroline Irby

We catch up with AOP Photographer Caroline Irby.  Her recently published book, 'Someone Else's Mother' is a sensitive account of a Filipina women who lived with her family when she was growing up and is currently featured in Spotlight.  Find out more about the project below along with what draws her towards portrait photography and more!

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Genitals Gender Artwork BENNY 03 copy

CAMPAIGN: GENITALS ≠ GENDER - Photographed by Elise Dumontet

Trans, Queer, Gender fluid, Non binary. Making assumptions about someone’s identity based on their looks can be insensitive. And being referred to by the wrong pronouns, particularly affects transgender and gender nonconforming people.The recent campaign ‘GENITALS ≠ GENDER’ was launched on International Pronouns Day to bring awareness of this issue.

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