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Beyond The Lens

In-depth information on the laws surrounding photography, ethics, standards of practice, different types of photography and so on. The industry 'gold-standard' of professional photography best-practice.

British Copyright Council (BCC)

The British Copyright Council is a top-level organisation consisting of a wide range of creators' associations (including the AOP) and publishers and consults on both UK and EU IP matters.

NUJ (National Union of Journalists)

The NUJ is home to the voice of journalists and journalism. The NUJ represents a broad range of industry media professionals, among which are many of our photographer members.

DACS (Designers & Artists Copyright Society)

The copyright collecting society for the visual arts sector.

Creators Rights Alliance (CRA)

The CRA is an alliance of like-minded copyright creators and content providers, brought together to campaign on common issues.

Creative UK

Creative UK used to be known as the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) and is an organisation of other bodies that collectively make up the UK's creative industries, cultural education and arts. The AOP is a member.

UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

Responsible for intellectual property (copyright, designs, patents and trademarks) in the UK.

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