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Personal Projects Feature:
Trump Shouts by Cormac Hanley


Trump Shouts

by Cormac Hanley

A visual exploration of the phenomenon that is Donald J Trump

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Trump Shouts by Cormac Hanley. All images © Cormac Hanley

We caught up with Cormac to find out more about this project. 

How did this project come about? 
It was a reaction in the face of Trump’s candidacy. The realisation came early on that the words would be have to be all his. No criticism anyone else could level would be as damming as what comes out of Trump’s own mouth. My part was to tell the story in images. I wanted to strike a balance between the farcical comedy notion of it and the very dark potential it carries.

Where did you take these shots? 
The landscapes were from my last visit to the United States. The portraits and still life in my studio in Paris.

What’s the story behind these images? 
The project was approached like movie-making. Every image is a complete fabrication, each scene having a well defined and scripted intention. A lot of effort was put into the casting, styling and fine details to create heightened atmosphere in which to tell the story. A pause to consider a future where Trump’s hateful preachings would be converted into actions with fallout for people and lives.  

How did you edit them down to the final cut? 
With the portraits, the communication had to be there in the eyes - open for the viewer to interpret.

It was the same story with the still life, atmosphere was key. Even the Lego Cop was approached like a portrait, light and angle playing a big part in bringing power and tension to the tiny 4cm tall plastic figure.

How have your personal projects helped your commissioned work? 
Yes, I think it really helps let the world know where you are coming from. 

Tell us something surprising about this project 
Even the neck tattoos are are a styling element - stick on transfers designed by a friend of mine!


The full project gallery can be seen here

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