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Women photographers at the AOP


The AOP f22 group was first created in the 1980’s and then re-formed in 2019.  This was due to demand and recognition that inequality within the photographic industry was not being addressed as it should.

It is telling that currently 18% of AOP Accredited Photographer members are female, compared to 75% of AOP Student members.  f22 aims to lobby for change to address the current imbalance of the number of female & non-binary commercial photographers, as part of an on-going need for further gender equality across society.

Through regular meet-ups, exhibitions and workshops we provide a dedicated platform offering the best business practice support.   Together we continue to explore ways in which to grow the visibility of women & non-binary commercial photographers at all levels.  


The f22 forum was created as a space to discuss matters of photography and women in photography.   If you would like to join f22’s growing supportive community please register here.

#womensupportingwomen #thefstartshere



Group Coordinator - Wendy Carrig | Accredited Photographer

Events Coordinator : Kate Abbey | Accredited Photographer

Exhibition Coordinator & Editor of the f22 Annual : Sarah Hogan | Accredited Photographer

External Communications, liaising with other womens photography groups :  Tabatha Fireman | Accredited Photographer

Marketing Coordinator including management of the @f22aop Instagram :  Liz McBurney | Accredited Photographer



Jayne Jackson | Accredited Photographer

Keeley Bentley | Access Photographer

Lauren Winsor | Accredited Photographer

Leah Band | Access Photographer

Sonia Levesque | Access Photographer



A collection of interviews by AOP photographer Kate Abbey with prominent Women Photographers with the aim of increasing Women’s visibility in this field.  The #herstories are also a means of championing the outstanding work and achievements of  Women Photographers,  and creating a legacy for future generations to aspire to.

Rhiannon Adams 5 png

                                                                                                                                                        Images © Rhiannon Adam

Click here to see #herstory interviews with Rhiannon Adam, Jillian Edelstein, Alys Tomlinson, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Laura Pannack, Sandra Lousada and more.

 Click here to read about the role of women in the early days of the AOP by Jannet Ibbotson, a previous Managing Director of the Association, and one of the original ‘AFAEP Girls’.

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Sign up to any type of AOP Membership to join the f22 forum. There is a link to request joining the f22 forum just below...



f22   Self-portrait  

3 March - 31 March 2021

Curated by Jaki Jo Hannan from adam&eveDDB, and founder of Equal Lens. 

Exhibiting Photographers:  Kate Abbey, Olivia Beasley, Wendy Carrig, Eleanor Church, Clare Park, Sophie Ebrard, Tabatha Fireman,  Aoife Herrity, Liz McBurney, Anne-Marie Michel, Patricia Niven, Kristy Noble, Zula Rabikowska,  Tais Sirote,  Claire Watts, Karen Yeomans

abbeykate 03 1 jpg

Image © Kate Abbey

f22   The Space Between

10 -23 September 2020

Exhibiting Photographers:  Kate Abbey, Liz Artindale, Olivia Beasley, Keeley Bentley, Anita Berkhane, Wendy Carrig, Heidi Coppock-Beard, Allie Crewe, Sophie Ebrard, Emma Freeman, Kristy Gosling, Louise Hagger, Nancy Harbord, Teresa Hayhurst, Sarah Hogan, Marta Kochanek, Jo Lauren, Gabrielle Motola, Patricia Niven, Clare Park, Kate Peters, Nassima Rothacker, Nyla Sammons, Carol Sharp, Gerhilde Skoberne, Laura Stevens, Marianne Van Loo and Karen Yeomans.

61 peterskate05 1 jpg

Image © Kate Peters


#IWD2019  – launch of f22 with an inaugural meeting at the Leica Gallery, London  attended by 50+ AOP women photographers.

#IWD2020  – Talk at the Photographer’s Gallery with speakers Del Barrett, founder of Hundred Heroines;  Hilary Woods, creator of  #209women;  and Wendy Carrig, AOP Accredited photographer and co-founder of f22aop.

 #IWD2021 - f22 launched their second Spotlight exhibition, curated by Jaki-Jo Hannan the founder of EqualLens. The exhibition was titled Self-Portrait.

– AOP women photographers were also celebrated throughout the AOP including a flashmob-style takeover of the website, and a dedicated newsletter themed #ChooseToChallenge sent to 30+k subscribers.



The BBC featured work by f22 women photographers documenting their experiences of lockdown : Coronavirus: Women photographers document lockdown - BBC New


 - In response to the killing of Sarah Everard and the subsequent #ReclaimTheseStreets protest, f22 held a special meeting to discuss how these events affect us as both women and photographers.

 - The Suzy Lamplugh Trust  has useful & practical advice on Personal Safety and Lone Working.

If you need to have a private conversation regarding your safety in the workplace, please contact anyone from the working group.



Survival Skills for Freelance Creatives – a workshop by Sheryl Garratt

Entering Photography Awards – a workshop by the f22 Working Group

LockdownLive – a series of live chat events hosted on Zoom throuought the Government imposed National Lockdowns.

How to keep your head in times of uncertainty – photographer Kate Abbey in conversation with AOP’s Rachel Rogers

Finding Focus for 2021 - a workshop by Sheryl Garratt

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Our members say...

"I am Excited to be part of the F22 Working Group. I believe that the work we are doing is vital to enable the working landscape to change - and it will change to be more inclusive and equal. Photographers work in a world of detail, to meticulous and exacting standards in order to transform creative ideas into eye-catching art forms. 

This profession particularly requires dedication and hard work - it can be an isolating job but at the same time we need to have an ability to communicate with clients and translate their concepts into images.

Women have these attributes in abundance. But we, each of us whatever our gender, age, status, training etc look at our world through a different lens - our own particular lens, we as women, may have a different perspective or we may not. What matters is that we get our ideas out there, that we get some jobs, lose others but we must compete for work on an equal footing and while knowing and believing we are equal. 

F22 is here to support women, help them achieve, help them be visible and help them have confidence to compete in an increasingly complex workplace."  Liz Mcburney

LizMcB jpg

Image © Liz Mcburney




"During my 20+ years as a freelance photographer, I became very aware of the lack of commercial representation of women photographers in our industry. In 2019 I launched Female Perspective, a photo agency that represents an all-female talent roster.

 There are many possible answers to the question of why there is such a male heavy imbalance in our industry. One thing we know for sure, is that it is not due to a lack of talented women content-creators. Unfortunately, there is no button to press for changing something that has remained so solid for so long. Equally, there is no individual who can create that button. 

 The f22 group is made up of AOP’s women members old and new, at all different stages in their career. In the group we are presented with opportunities for sharing ideas, supporting one another, and elevating our voices to grow visibility as individual artists. 

 As a collective within the AOP, I firmly believe we can work towards inspiring balance."  Tabatha Fireman


AOP Fashion WC 03

© Wendy Carrig

"As a young photographer I questioned the very existence of f22.
I believed that photography should be judged on it’s own merit and not according to the gender of the creator. Back then I also believed I was helping to pave the way for women photographers and I assumed our numbers would naturally grow.

As a student photographer our class was at least 75% male – amazingly these statistics have now been reversed, however the numbers of women photographers working in our industry has hardly changed at all.

One of the aims of the new f22 group is to challenge the gender inequality within the photographic industry."
Wendy Carrig

Release XV Clematis tangutica

© Carol Sharp

"When I had my first assisting job back in the 1980s I was the only woman in a studio of 5 men. When I took my folio out it was often assumed I was an agent as there were so few still life women photographers. I really thought it was a numbers thing and as there are so many women on the photography courses by now things would have changed. It seems not.

There is a statistic that shows men will apply for new jobs if they believe they have 40% of the skills listed on the job description. For women, it takes a self-belief of 90% of the skills to apply.

When further questioned women didn’t see the hiring process as one where relationships or a creative approach to framing one’s expertise could overcome not having the skills and experiences outlined in the job qualifications.

Also men believe that they can learn what they don’t know and they’ll be fine. And why not? Much of photography is simply problem solving.

Otherwise it’s a catch 22, if you don’t have confidence you cant can’t get the experience which will give you confidence. So f22 is an apt name for a group of females caught in this loop!

I hope in this group we can help each other to be more confident. I believe being part of a supportive group will greatly encourage this." Carol Sharp


image001 jpg

© Kate Abbey

“With over 20 year’s experience in the industry, I’ve taken it for granted that I’m always up against men when competing for commissions. I’ve forged my path without support of female mentors, having seen very few women photographers in my field. I’ve had to cut through the prejudice of having to prove my personal worth before having the chance to prove my craft and expertise. 

I don’t want to be labelled as a female photographer: ‘photographer’ will do, however, I do see the value in creating a secure place where confidence can thrive and to then use it as a launching pad to take on the bigger arena.

My aim as part of the working panel is to elevate women photographers by increasing the visibility of outstanding artists; championing the achievements of the members and creating a regular and open support system whereby members can flourish. The more women see other women pushing to the top, and the more they have access to learning from that journey, the more likely they are to believe they belong there too.” Kate Abbey

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