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© Jo Lauren 2019 The Student Awards finalist

AOP Student is a web-based membership with all the benefits listed below. 

By becoming an AOP Student you automatically become part of a wider community of students, assistants, photographers & photographers' agents.

We believe that to become a successful professional photographer working for commercial clients, you must demonstrate a special level of drive, initiative, business acumen and skill. Becoming a student member does not offer a fast-track to success (there isn't one) nor does it provide any guarantees as the industry you are hoping to enter is one of the toughest to break into. But - if you put the effort in, work hard and learn from your results, you are, at the very least, on the first rung of the ladder.


Open to all students studying photography at FE or HE

Benefits of becoming an AOP Student:

  • Recognition as part of The Association of Photographers and the peer group it encapsulates
  • Eligibility to enter the AOP Student Awards (Discounted entry)
  • Eligibility to enter the AOP Open Award (Discounted entry)
  • Exclusive Student/ Access Membership Insurance Policy through Williamson Carson and Co (This introductory offer is ONLY £112.00 (£100.00 + £12 tax) - Reduced from £252.00, that's a saving of £140.00); Equipment £5,000 (cover in respect of loss, damage or destruction of photographic equipment) UK only (Including 45 days overseas free of charge);  Public liability £1,000,000; Employers liability £10,000,000
  • Fortnightly member-only e-newsletter
  • Access to free PDF version of Beyond the Lens 
  • Workshop and Events (access to discounts & free events)
  • Business & legal templates and forms
  • AOP Usage Calculator
  • Beyond The Lens - The essential guide to rights, ethics and business practice in professional photography for £10, saving £20
  • AOP Awards Book at £20, saving £10
  • How to.... Guides.  Handy and easy to understand 'how to' guides covering the basics of studio life
  • Links to useful places
  • A glossary containing many slang-words, colloquialisms and jargon used throughout the industry
  • 12 months free AOP Access Membership upon graduation


  • FREE annual membership if studying on an AOP-accredited course (all AOP-accredited courses are listed here). Accredited courses have been vetted and approved by the AOP as delivering a standard of education and training at a certain minimum level. For more info on the AOP accreditation process, go here
  • £26 p.a. inc VAT, if not studying on an AOP-accredited course.

Voting Rights:

No voting rights.

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