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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

AOP Black and Minority Ethnic member Spotlight Focus

6 - 19 August

The AOP are dedicated to promoting the highest standard of image making from all of our members. This curated Spotlight highlights the exceptional imagery from our black and minority ethnic members. From the quirky food still life images by Louise Hagger to the sumptuous subdued pallet of an Italian vogue spread by Michelle Marshall to the beautiful images celebrating Sikh culture by Amit and Naroop.

Exhibiting photographers:

Alan Conteh, Inzajeano Latif, Michelle Marshall, Erica Alexander, Hayley Benoit, Othello De’souza-Hartley, Ira Giorgetti, Louise Hagger, Lesley Lau, Sun Lee, Karyn Louise, Matthew McQuillan, Amit and Naroop, Jessica Eliza Ross, Nigel Ryan, Yves Salmon, Nyla Sammons and Ngadi Smart.

Image © Ngadi Smart

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