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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

University of Derby
Final Year Show 2020

20 July to 7 September 2020

BA (Hons) Photography - Programme ethos

BA (Hons) Photography at Derby is a highly creative and critically informed programme that encourages students to use (and mis-use) photography as a means to engage with ideas, issues and concerns in contemporary society.

We take a highly expansive approach to the medium. This includes the 2-dimensional image, but also performance, installation, sculpture, analogue and digital time-based media. We encourage our students to mis-use photography as much as possible.

The programme celebrates the academic study of photography as much as it does the creation of visual work. Not only does this provide a firm contextual foundation for the production of visual work, it also allows students to develop skills in research, dealing with complex ideas and data, interpretation, and the development of new ideas and approaches to thinking about and making images.

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