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18 January 2021

Michael Dannenberg copy 3 jpeg

© Michael Dannenberg

Highlighting exceptional blue hued images from Find a Photographer to lift the spirits on this 'Blue Monday'.

Caroline Leeming jpg

© Caroline Leeming


Christopher Howlett jpg

© Chris Howlett


Eugenio Franchi 2 jpg

© Eugenio Franchi


Gandee Vasan 2 jpg

© Gandee Vasan


glyn Davies 2 jpg

© Glyn Davies


Carol Sharp 2 jpg

© Carol Sharp


Greg White 2 jpg

© Greg White


James Callaghan 2 jpg

© James Callaghan


Lol Keegan jpg

© Lol Keegan


Louise Hagger jpg

© Louise Hagger


Mark Leary 2 jpg

© Mark Leary


Mark Mawson 2 jpg

© Mark Mawson


Michael Dannenberg jpeg

© Michael Dannenberg


Ted Humble Smith jpg

© Ted Humble-Smith


 teresahayhurst jpg

© Teresa Hayhurst


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