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PODCAST: Exposed Negative

28 November 2020

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There have been some brilliant initiatives to come out of lockdown, one being the podcast series 'Exposed Negative'. Set up by two members Greg Funnell and Tom Barnes we catch up with them to find out more about the background, topics covered and what to expect going forward.

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How did the idea come about?

We had both been chatting at the beginning of lockdown about various things and I think we were both looking for projects outside of our main professional practice but one that was also related to it. Between us we have about 30 years of experience in the photo industry but were also under no illusions that we had all the answers or had learnt all there was to learn. We realised that traditionally the industry had been a little bit of a walled garden, and we were keen to change that to some degree. We wanted a little more transparency and understanding of what is actually involved in the myriad of roles that are required to make a successful production run smoothly or a career to survive. For us the obvious thing was to create something that we would have wanted to have access too ourselves earlier on in our careers. We wanted to lift the lid and in doing so celebrate the industry and all the amazing folk involved. 


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What is the aim of the series and who are they created for?

I think our target audience is really anyone who is or wants to work in the industry, we try to pitch it at all levels to make sure there is something for everyone. In doing so we hope that the sharing of knowledge can lead to greater understanding for all practitioners and therefore hopefully encourage increased professionalism and diligence within the industry.

How do you go about selecting who to interview or are you being approached by people wanting to get involved?

We tend to look for people who can have a good level of experience in a particular field and are willing and able to share some of the knowledge with the listeners. We don’t want to be another podcast that just interviews photographers, because there are plenty of great podcasts out there that already do that. We are looking to drill down in the details on particular aspects within the industry so that our listeners finish each episode with a number of thought provoking insights.


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Can you talk about some of the topics covered?

So far we have looked into a number of different topics including assisting, production, getting an agent, legal issues, digital workflows, social media, personal projects to name a few. We still have plenty of ideas and in the future we’re looking to do more on the business development side of things such as accounting. 

Can we expect a season 2?

We certainly hope so. The feedback so far has been fantastic and in the few short months it has been running we’ve had over 10,000 listens. We want to encourage questions from the listeners as well as suggestions on topics they want covered - be that through our instagram or via email. However, we are also seeking sponsorship to help us cover the production costs - we are both working photographers with young families so getting that would help us to keep producing. As long we feel we are still adding value we will do our best to continue to produce the podcast!

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