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Advisory and Working Groups

The broad range of AOP activities are organised and managed by the staff, under the guidance of the Executive Director and Board and they follow the priorities set out in the Association's Strategic Plan.

It is part of the remit of the AOP's Executive Director to ensure the effective functioning of all Advisory and Working Groups.

These groups provide the mechanism whereby members can participate in the planning and progression of activities and projects in accordance with the Strategic Plan. They enable members and expert third parties to provide advice, feedback, experience, encouragement and, if possible, support and assistance to the staff who manage and organise activities and events on behalf of the membership. This help can ensure that activities are successful and that they achieve their objectives.

Groups meet at the beginning of a project to provide input, before implementation and after the project has been completed to review its success and effectiveness. Some may meet regularly, this will depend on the nature of the project or activity.

If you are interested in participating in a project, or have any ideas/suggestions, please contact the Executive Director.

AOP Awards

Board members - Paul Harvey and Richard Seymour, AOP Chair James Vallecott, ex AOP Chair Steve Knight, Agent Skye Trayler Executive Director Seamus McGibbon and Marketing and Events Manager Charlie Giles.

The Working Group covers the activities and organisation of the AOP Awards.

Business & Legal

The working group is led by AOP Business and Copyright Advisor Nick Dunmur, Charles Swan of Swan Turton, AOP Member Simon Leach and AOP Executive Director Seamus McGibbon 

The Working Group covers all aspects of the business & legal advice service and replies to both UK Government and EU consultations.


AOP Members and course leaders Paul Wenham-Clark, Chair, Geraint Cunnick AOP Executive Director Seamus McGibbon and Business & Legal Advider Nick Dunmur.

The Working Group covers the Educational activities undertaken by the AOP on behalf of its Student and Affiliated Courses.


This is a sub group of the Board: AOP Chair James Vellacott 

The group exists to deal with HR matters and recruitment of the Executive Director.


This is a sub-group of the Board: AOP Chair James Vellacott, ex AOP Chair Steve Knight, Finance Officer Ana Paluca and Executive Director Seamus McGibbon

The working group looks at the manner in which we run and report our finances. It provides help, advice and a forum at which we can discuss ways in which we might improve the manner in which we operate, from a financial point of view.


AOP Marketing and Events Manager Charlie Giles, Executive Director Seamus McGibbon, Marketing Manager for creative agency Jack Stephanie Gilks and graphic design consultant Jim Sutherland

This working group looks at the marketing of the AOP, it's members and activities through all media and social networking

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Board member Ed Robinson, Managing Director of MediaBite Simon Skinner, AOP Marketing and EventsManager Charlie Giles and Executive Director Seamus McGibbon 

The Working Group provides input on IMAGE.

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