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AOP Working Groups and Standing Committees

The broad range of AOP activities are organised and managed by the Staff, under the guidance of the Chief Executive Officer and Board and they follow the priorities set out in the Association's Strategic Plan.

Working Groups meet at the beginning of a project to provide input, before implementation and after the project has been completed to review its success and effectiveness. Some may meet regularly, this will depend on the nature of the project or activity.

Standing Committees exist on a more permanent basis to underpin the fundamental activities of finance and employment withing the Association.

If you are interested in participating in a project, or have any ideas/suggestions, please contact the Chief Executive Officer.

AOP Awards

Richard Seymour, AOP Photographer Member; Wendy Carrig, AOP Photographer member; Agent members, Waldo Wilkinson of Morgan Lockyer and James Gerrard-Jones of Wyatt Clarke Jones and Suzanne McDougall, the AOP Communications and Events Co-ordinator.

The Working Group covers the activities and organisation of the AOP Awards.

Business & Legal Advice

The Working Group is led by AOP Head of Business and Legal, Nick Dunmur, along with Hamish Crooks (AOP Chair), Isabelle Doran, AOP CEO and Charles Swan of Swan Turton.

The Working Group covers all aspects of the business & legal advice service and replies to both UK Government and wider consultations.


Chaired by AOP Photographer & Board Member, Adam Shaw with input from academics from our Accredited Courses, notably, Geraint CunnickPaul Wenham-Clark, Zoe Korda, Trudie Ballantyne and Gretchen Geraets with support from AOP Head of Business & Legal, Nick Dunmur.

The Working Group covers the educational activities undertaken by the AOP on behalf of its Students and Accredited Courses.

Employment (Standing Committee)

This Standing Committee is a sub-group of the Board and involves AOP Board members Hamish Crooks (also Chair of AOP), AOP Agent member Hat Margolies, AOP CEO Isabelle Doran, AOP Accredited Photographer, Richard Seymour and AOP Head of Business and Legal, Nick Dunmur.

Finance (Standing Committee)

This Standing Committee is a sub-group of the Board and currently involves Hamish Crooks (as Chair), Marc Jason of AEL Markhams (AOP's accountants), AOP CEO, Isabelle Doran, AOP Agent Member Director, Hat Margolies and Finance Manager, Yaa Taylor.

The Standing Committee looks at the manner in which the AOP runs and report its finances. It provides help, advice and a forum at which we can discuss ways in which we might improve the manner in which we operate, from a financial point of view.


Led by AOP Communications and Events Co-ordinator, Suzanne McDougall.

This Working Group looks at the marketing of the AOP, its members and activities through all media and social networking

Colourful AOP - Photographers of colour at the AOP

This Working Group involves AOP Board members, Gandee Vasan and Ira Gioretti, AOP Finance Manager, Yaa Taylor, as well as AOP photographer members Emli Bendixen, Louise Hagger.

The role of this Working Group is to increase awareness of photographers of colour by making both them and their work more visible within the industry.

f22 - Women Photographers at the AOP

This Working Group involves AOP Photographer and Board member, Gabrielle Motola, AOP photographer members, Wendy Carrig, Tabatha Fireman, Liz McBurney, Sarah Hogan and Kate Abbey.

The Working Group provides input on f22 - Women Photographers at the AOP. Working for fairness in the representation of women photographers. 

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