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The Board

The Association’s Board of Directors is made up of up to eleven non-executive directors, who are all unpaid volunteers and the AOP CEO. The non-exec directors are comprised as follows;

  • Seven working Accredited Photographer members (can include one Agent member), elected at an annual general meeting of the company
  • One Assisting Photographer member, elected at an annual general meeting
  • Up to three Independent Directors, elected by the Board to bring strong business experience and expertise with them, one of whom is elected as Chair

Dates of appointment, re-election and retirement of each Board member are given below. 

Anne Mannion

Independent Director & Chair

Carol Allen-Storey

Member Director

Gabrielle Motola

Member Director

Stephen Potts

Member Director

Ed Robinson

Member Director

Richard Seymour

Member Director

Naroop Jhooti

Member Director

Nikki Barton

Independent Director

Hat Margolies

Agent Member Director

Tanja Adams

Independent Director

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