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David Short

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Being a photographer is a fantastic job and I love it because it means….

Travelling to so many different places some glamourous and exciting , some hot and dirty and not ones that you’d want to return to but that you are glad to have experienced all the same. Making something special out of something ordinary, making something ordinary out of something special. Meeting lots of different people, some lovely some not so, but all interesting to observe. Hearing the stories of people from all walks of life, learning about their experiences and then capturing a glimpse of these in a photograph. Bringing loads of elements together to create a single image, often constructed from a chaotic mix of people, misbehaved weather and ticking time. Best of all though is looking at faces, textures in faces, young unspoilt faces, wrinkles in old worn faces, expressions of sadness or happiness, jaded faces, enthusiastic faces, out of control eyebrows, sparkly eyes, noses that are too big or a bit wonky and occasionally a crazy beard that might well house several woodland creatures overgrowing a brilliantly eccentric face.

And I’ve done this professionally for the past 20 years since leaving Newcastle College. While my background is studio based I find myself more often than not on location these days working on a variety of commissions from a single portrait to a large production anywhere in the world. I have been fortunate enough to work on some major campaigns and shoot for some big names including Sony, Ghd, Bravissimo, Marks and Spencers, Nike, BP, HSBC, First Direct, Merrell and Regatta amongst others. I have even picked up the odd award along the way from the AOP, New York Art Directors Club and D&AD.

Any inquiries please contact me on:
07973 249454 |

Or my agent Gill Turner: |
All images copyright David Short

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