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John Reynolds

Photographer Overview

John Reynolds is a UK based Environmental Portrait photographer.

Shooting on location using Fuji GFX medium format digital and Elinchrom portable, battery powered, studio lighting. He creates colourful, dynamic images that capture the moment and comunicate the story. John is friendly, professional, and reliable.

He's no stranger to travelling all over the UK to find a great story, and he loves nothing more than helping non professional sitters to feel at ease whilst they tell it. His portrait work is concerned with the everyday heroics and stoicism of people who demonstate endurance, commitment and passion throughout their daily lives.

John works with people who are generally unacustomed to being photographed. He enables them to communicate their story with style and clarity. We don’t take pictures. We make them together. The process is a collaboration with all parties concerned. Creating and capturing the moment that illustrates the story is what its all about. John has Twenty-Five years of experience in creating dynamic, story telling images used in world class editorial and design projects to draw upon.

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