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Antonia Reeve

Photographer Overview

I can’t remember when I first used a camera – it is a natural part of my life as well as an absorbing profession.

I am strongly aware of the communicative power of the still image and my photographs reflect my interest in the way people and things look and work.

My scientific & artistic upbringing and education inform my photography.
An understanding of the science of photography helps me get the best out of the tools available to me.

I have hands on experience in many artistic techniques, from printmaking to glassblowing, and experience in scientific methods (science degree).

My understanding of artistic and scientific methods enables me to illustrate processes in such a way as to make them accessible/understandable to the viewer.

I have always been fascinated by people’s skills and abilities and enjoy describing them visually so that others can follow the process.

I like a challenge and with good communication from brief to final output, my aim is to provide the images that my clients need to bring their projects to life.

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