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Monty Rakusen

Photographer Overview

"Imagination makes all the difference"

Born 1954
Based in Yorkshire, England
Working world-wide.

Studied: Graphics and Photography Liverpool College of Art, BA First Class Honours. John Moores Scholarship winner.

Favourite Subjects:
Industry, automotive, engineering, science, agriculture, nuclear power, shipping.

About Monty:
I shoot interesting and stylish photography, mainly of a corporate nature, mainly on location and world-wide. I am absolutely committed to what I do and my whole waking life is dedicated to photography.
How I Work:
I spend a lot of time looking. Quite often I shoot with my camera tethered to a computer for greater accuracy and sometimes I shoot hand-held. I build spontaneity and drama into my pictures. I always work with an assistant and there is a team back in the studio, organising. I go to meetings, come up with ideas, visit locations and generally do what is necessary to make your project a success.
I am very experienced with working in difficult, noisy and dangerous places.
What You Get:
Quality without compromise, style, experience, enthusiasm and help from our team. Exciting and unique brand building images. They make our clients look different. It gives you an edge.
I am currently shooting with the Nikon D850.

Where You Will See My Work:
My self commissioned work is syndicated by Image Source to Getty Images,and many other libraries world-wide. At the time of writing, I have 12000 specialist images available to buy. I am always on the look-out for interesting locations and processes.

Recent Clients and Collaborative Hosts Include:

Abcam Plc
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Heathrow Airport
Balfour Beatty Plc
Ancala Water
Sheffield Forgemasters
Sheffield Hallam University
NEC Display Solutions
E A Technology
Helical Technology
The Saville Group
Transport For Greater Manchester
National Air Traffic Services
UK Hydrographic Office
UK Atomic Energy Authority (JET)
International Maritime Organisation
Lloyd’s Register
Network Rail
Scottish Power
Dunlop Aircraft Tyres
JKX Oil&Gas
Ball Group
General Electric

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