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Claus Morgenstern

Photographer Overview

»emotional and real«

This is how I would like to produce shootings with you. With experience, lots of exciting input and an absolute hands-on mentality.
I love to dive into situations, driven by perspectives and different angles, drawing a line somewhere between lifestyle and commercial look. Whether photo or video, my team and I love to celebrate a great production together. My nature is to always look for personal contact. Always with a focus on personal connections. Let’s talk, write, or, best of all, meet in person.


Selected Clients

Volvo, Mercedes, Lufthansa, Microsoft and many more

Selected Agency's

Closer London | Craft London | C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH | Dan Pearlmann | DennerleinBrands GmbH | Fischer Appelt | McCann | Media Monks | McCann | Jung von Matt Neckar | Schaller & Partner GmbH | Strichpunkt etc.

Magazines | Editorial
Alverde | Archdaily | FOCUS | formschau Designfest Heidelberg | KFW Chancen Magazin | OF Arch International Magazine of Architecture and Design | ZEIT Magazin etc.



200 Best AD Photographers Worldwide 2021/2022
Shortlisted Beauty category of Spotlight Awards 2021
Lürzers 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide · 2020/2021
PX3 le Prix de la Photographie Paris „VOLVO XC 60“ Honorable Mention · 2019
Media Innovator Awards CV Magazine Corporate Photographer of the Year – West Europe · 2019
Lürzers 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide · 2018/2019
One Eyeland Award „BETTER FREE“ Finalist · 2018
IPA Award „IM JETZT“ Honorable Mention · 2018
IPA Award „Venice“ Honorable Mention · 2018
One Eyeland Award „I'm Jetzt“ Finalist · 2016
IPA Award „Monks“ Honorable Mention · 2016
PX3 le Prix de la Photographie Paris „Elected Icons“ Honorable Mention · 2016
One Eyeland Awards „Monks“ Finalist · 2015
IPA Award „Monks“ Honorable Mention · 2015
IPA Award „Southern Suburbs“ Honorable Mention · 2015
IPA Award „White Sand“ Honorable Mention · 2015
One Eyeland Award „Elected Icons“ Finalist · 2014
IPA Award „Elected Icons“ Honorable Mention · 2014
A’Design Award „Ajando“ Gold · 2014

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