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Stella Scordellis

Photographer Overview

I am a South London based photographer with over 35years experience photographing people of all ages, from birth to end of life, on location, or my studio and outdoor space. I also photograph within the automotive industry at events such as the British Grand Prix and photograph personal collections of classic and supercars to build provenance and images for journals, boardrooms and homes.

I work with a variety of different clients on their personal and commercial projects worldwide for their loved ones or VIP clients.
My credibility, creativity, experience and approachable manner enable me to build trust and long-term relationships with my clients.

I started my company SMS Creative Photography in February 1997, and grew a second brand -'Stella' Lifestyle Photography & Bespoke Books, to craft photographs to preserve irreplaceable moments in time, to create a provenance and a legacy within limited edition books and wall art.

More recently I have been giving presentations to schools and cruise ship passengers about my work as a photographer and the journey I encountered along the way.

Past exhibitions:-
Chartwell, Country home of Sir Winston Churchill - Westerham, Kent
Royal Automobile Club - Pall Mall, London.
Bremont - South Audley Street, Mayfair, London
Top Foto - Eve, Edenbridge

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