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Fern Berresford

Photographer Overview

The early years of Fern Berresford are shrouded in mystery. If only there was some kind of official biography with all the facts. Oh well...

The most accepted idea of Fern’s origin says that she was raised by wolves in Sherwood Forest, before literally being unearthed by Mark Denton and Coy! as she hid in a fern patch (hence her name).

Anyway, the good folks at Coy! - ever the suckers for those in need - then took her in and nurtured her into the creative being she is today. Now, we can't speculate on how much of this is true, so let’s focus on what we do know.

She is an award winning photographer and filmmaker, whose work has been recognised across the industry. From directing school plays at the age of 9, she went on to get a 1st class degree in Film before kick-starting her directing career with an award-winning short.‘Man Made’, produced for the charity 'Ctl.Alt.Shift' was screened at festivals all over the world, leading to award nominations and victories from The Cannes Young Directors Award to Rushes Soho Shorts Newcomer Award to Best Director at Film Directing for Women.

In recent times she had directed several commercials, for clients such as Christian Aid and T-Mobile, music videos for artists including Little Comets and Diane Birch, and stills for clients such as Virgin, McDonalds and Penhaligons, as well as the award-winning Untouchable Covers for Lürzer’s Archive. She has also found time to build up an extensive portfolio of breathtaking beauty and fashion photography.

She is a busy lady with BIG talent. But in actuality she is quite, quite small. Beyond the world of film, her passions include music, tea and Sambucca. All of which help to explain her hyperactivity.

Rumour has it that if you say her name three times in front of the mirror, she appears behind you and drags you dancing. We don't know if that is true, but what we do know is, if you require a cracking bit of direction or photography, she's your gal.

Or if you just need someone to go dancing with... Fern Berresford, Fern Berresford, Fern Berresford.

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