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Mark Mawson

Photographer Overview

Mark has been shooting creative, beautiful and inspiring images for over 30 years.

Mark is known for his liquid work. His vibrant and colourful liquid series, 'Aqueous' is well know around the world and is held in many private collections and galleries as well as being used for advertising campaigns. An "Aqueous' video was projected onto the walls of Buckingham Palace for The Queen's diamond jubilee. Mark's liquid work includes drinks, fragrances and splashes.

Mark also enjoys shooting underwater fashion and beauty and his non commissioned personal work shows a love of atmospheric, cinematic work.

2021 14th Annual International Color Awards Nominee
2021 19th International Photography Awards Honourable Mention
2021 16th Annual Black and White Spider Awards Nominee
2020 One Eyeland Photography Awards Finalist
2020 13th Annual International Color Awards Honourable Mention
2019 Communication Arts Photography Award
2018 Futurum Award Winner
2017 The AOP Awards Winner
2017 11th Annual International Color Awards Winner
2017 One Eyeland Awards, Bronze
2016 Communication Arts Photography Award
2016 Association of Photographers Awards Finalist
2014 International Photography Awards - 2nd Place
2012 The London Awards - Shortlisted
2011 Dabomba Creative Awards - Gold
2010 Dabomba Creative Awards - Platinum & Gold
2010 International Aperture Awards - Silver
2009 Sovereign Asian Art Awards - Finalist

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