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Ron Bambridge

Photographer Overview

Ron is an internationally recognised multi award winning photographer based in London. His work has been published in all media formats including countless magazines and books, in assignments that have taken him all over the world,

Some of his many industry awards include;

Winner 'Best AOP Photographer' 2013 at the Association of Photographers Open Awards.

‘GOLD’ non commissioned places in the 3rd Association of photographers Awards for a series of British Landscapes from Wales and the Lake District.

‘SILVER' interiors / exteriors in the 15th Association of Photographers Awards for Californian ghost
town image.

‘WINNER’ In three categories in The London Photographic Awards as follows:

The ‘ENVIRONMENTAL COLOUR AWARD’ for his image, ‘Barbers Chair on a Singapore street’

The ‘ENVIRONMENTAL SERIES AWARD’ for a set of shots from his personal project the Gold rush area of California.

The ‘STILL LIFE AWARD’ for his images of mushrooms shot on location in woodland and photographed on large format camera and film.

‘BEST PHOTOGRAPHY’ award at The National Business Calendar Awards UK for his series of British panoramic landscapes.

‘HIGHLY COMMENDED’ ILFORD Photographic Awards for portraiture in the Advertising and Fashion category

‘MERIT’ series people in the 5th Association of Photographers Awards for a series of five portraits of Irish farmers in southern Ireland.

‘MERIT’ Non commissioned colour in the 10th Association of Photographers Awards for landscape image of Icelandic waterfall.

‘MERIT’ interiors / exteriors in the 15th Association of Photographers Awards for another Californian ghost town image from the same series.

‘ENVIRONMENTAL’ in the 2nd Association of Photographers awards image included of his New York taxi cab in the rain.

‘PERSONAL PORTRAIT SERIES’ in the 16th Association of Photographers Awards for his graphic portrait series ’Americans’ photographed in California.

‘STRUCTURE / LANDSCAPE’ category in the 18th Association of Photographers Awards for his commissioned image of a Merlin Mk1 military helicopter shot from 100ft above.
‘NOMINEE’ ‘Honorary Spider Fellow’ in advertising and architectural in the Black & White Spider Awards California.

‘ASTHETICA ART PRIZE 2012’ portrait of three Thai fishing girls photographed in Thailand chosen for inclusion.

‘HONOURABLE MENTION’ 2013 Black & White Spider Awards for his Detroit abandoned work.

‘NOMINEE’  3rd Fine Art photography Awards for his Detroit abandoned work.
Inclusion in Design category of the 2007 Creative Review Photography Annual for series of four Black & white images from his BROOKLANDS Centenary book project.

Finalist in the AOP Open Awards 2020

Winner in the Americana category of the 13th International Colour Awards with his Rainy day in New York City Image.


‘100 Years of Brooklands’ the birth place of British motorsport and aviation. A major book commission to photograph and document almost the entire famous historic pre war collection of aircraft, record breaking motorcars, and motorcycles.
The collection of photographs took over a year to complete, all produced in Black & White and brought together for the finished book published by Touchstone Books.

Documentary project photographing Detroit and how the economic downturn has affected the city, undertaking a self financed trip to try and capture some of the things he saw. A self published book was created with the collection of images.

One of his British Landscape image’s that received GOLD in the Association of photographers Awards chosen to be included in a special gala auction of original photography past and present at Christies London.

‘Capturing the Spirit of the Place’ in depth article about Ron and his landscape work published in the Photographer magazine.

Series of images from his California landscape project published in PhotoArt International.

‘Wide Boys’ Personal article and images about Ron’s panoramic photography published in ‘Direction’ magazine.

The book ‘Architecture’ Californian landscape photographs chosen for inclusion and published by Rotovision.

The book ‘Portraiture’ on Black & white portrait photography published by Rotovision. Californian Black & White portrait series ‘Americans’ chosen for inclusion in the book.

Landscape work selected for inclusion in several Graphis photography books.

A two double-page spread of his Detroit work selected for inclusion in the 'International Masters of Photography' published in California by World Wide Art Books 2015.


Series of Landscape work included in the ‘British landscapes in danger’ exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall London. Produced by The Council For The Protection of Rural England.

Gold Award winners AOP Photographers Retrospective exhibition London

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