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Frank Herholdt

Photographer Overview

Frank grew up in South Africa where he studied fine art at the Johannesburg school of Art.
A chance encounter with a photographer who offered him a job made him drop out of college and immerse himself in learning about photography.

Frank moved to London and worked with a number of photographers as an assistant.

Another encounter changed his life, while assisting the photographer Art Kane who was doing portraits of film stars on the set of a major film production he met the lighting cameraman Vilmos Zsigmond. Observing Zsigmond’s film lighting techniques radically influenced Frank.
He immediately started shooting tests using movie lighting techniques. Soon his new work started winning him clients and he started building a successful freelance career.

Since then Frank has won numerous international awards. They include New York Art directors Club, Many AOP. Awards including Silver. Cannes , Several Communication Arts , London Photographic Awards , B&W Spider Awards and Creative Review Photography Annual. He has also worked for most of the main Adverting Agencies and blue chip clients all over the world.

Frank now lives and works in a converted pub in east London with his wife and 2 sons. In between assignments he spends his time shooting personal projects and experimenting with both digital and analogue techniques, as well as cooking and child minding!

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