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Kate Abbey

Photographer Overview

For the past 20 years, Kate has refined the art of capturing those spontaneous glimpses into peoples' lives. Whether it's shooting stills or directing moving image, Kate is forever honing in on what is authentic and focusing on those minute quirks that set us all apart.

Her compassion for her subjects and the intimacy within which she works, flows through all portrayed with a strikingly natural and effortless style; which hides the meticulous hard work from behind the scenes. Often shooting internationally, she’s equally at home working with a bustling 100 people-strong set as she is with a more ‘skeleton’ crew often required for more delicate topics.

Her work has been exhibited in Westminster Palace and published in the likes of Creative Review and Portrait of Britain, as well as being recognised for various industry accolades. However, it is best judged by the trust her solid client list bestow in her: Google, Channel 4, Samsung, UBS and Honda to name but a few.

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