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Jason Butcher

Photographer Overview

Shooting during COVID.

We want our clients to feel confident we are taking the risks surrounding COVID seriously and that we are doing what we can to make our shoots as safe as possible.

To enable us to continue to produce stills and moving image shoots during COVID we have taken advice, including that of the Association of Photographers, of which we are an accredited member, the APA and from the Government.

Our COVID policy can be found here:

In it we discuss how social distancing can work in our studio and the principles of how it can work on location.

Shoots can continue, but with a few changes. Ideally the number of people attending the shoot should be kept to a minimum. Therefore to help our clients we can use a remote conferencing solution to enable you to be part of the shoot. We have a camera showing an overview of the studio and screen sharing so you can see what the camera sees along with two way audio for communication.

Product shoots can and have been serviced efficiently and safely since we have a small crew (sometimes just two from the same household) using in-house equipment, post production and set-building.

I hope this goes some way to alleviate your concerns and show we are committed to working safely with you. The studio is open and I’d be happy to discuss any upcoming projects you may have.


​Jason Butcher was born in Aldershot, England, and then moved to a small village in the Surrey Hills where he now resides, firmly ensconced in village life, involved in organising quiz nights, the annual summer show, and charitable events around total dedication to his craft.

He is a master still-life, people, and conceptual photographer, frequently asked by clients to bring his bold and meticulous vision to solving their most technically challenging shoots. Jason’s thoughtful process and polished vision help to elevate the brands of his wide-ranging clients in the healthcare, technology, house and home, product and business world.

His studio is well resourced, perfect for shooting stills and motion: in particular high speed / short duration and motion controlled imagery serving still life to lifestyle, tabletop to set-built scenarios.

Drive-in studio with floating ceiling plus all the usual pre-requisites, plenty of on-site parking with close easy link to M3 J4.

Sustainability - Green Credentials

Jason and the team are working hard for all shoots to be fully sustainable. The studio is well versed in: saving on printing, re-using all the polystryrene & correx that was purchased many moons ago and will be recycled/replaced when only necessary, reducing water bottles, rehoming all shoot leftovers and recyling or composting what we can. Shoots need not cost more to achieve sustainability if everyone helps do their bit. The studio uses all the help on the subject provided by Adgreen to better our impact on the planet and keeping it green for everyone who follows us.

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