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Jason Butcher

Photographer Overview

Jason Butcher was born in Aldershot, England, and then moved to a small village in the Surrey Hills where he now resides, firmly ensconced in village life, involved in organising quiz nights, the annual summer show, and charitable events around total dedication to his craft.

He is a master still-life, people, and conceptual photographer, frequently asked by clients to bring his bold and meticulous vision to solving their most technically challenging shoots. Jason’s thoughtful process and polished vision help to elevate the brands of his wide-ranging clients in the healthcare, technology, house and home, product and business world.

About the Studio

At our studio, we excel in capturing a wide range of subjects, from inanimate objects to dynamic scenes. Our team is dedicated to producing pristine imagery that stands out.

Whether it's a product or a lifestyle setting, we specialise in creating crisp still photographs and captivating motion footage. Utilising short-duration flash and slow-motion techniques at 1000 frames per second or more, we ensure that every detail is preserved in our visuals.

We are proud to be part of the emerging field known as Visual Engineering, which encompasses image makers who combine cutting-edge gadgets and gizmos with traditional equipment, backed by years of knowledge and experience. This fusion allows us to deliver finished photographs and motion clips that truly impress.

To achieve our exceptional results, we utilise a high-speed robot arm that seamlessly integrates into both still and motion photography:

For stills, our robot arm offers precise control and flexibility. We can save positional data for future shoots, maintaining consistency in the angle of view. Additionally, when paired with a turntable, we can create stunning 360-degree product photography. These images can be used for interactive product exploration on websites or incorporated into augmented reality (AR) experiences, adding an extra dimension.

In motion, our robot arm brings a new level of creativity. With programmed movements, it can glide effortlessly over a scene or circle around an object, be it a product or a person. Whether capturing at normal speed or in high-speed slow motion, we combine high-frame-rate photography with dynamic camera movements to infuse our shots with depth and impact. The repeatable precision of the robot arm allows us to capture multiple passes, each with unique lighting, products, or props, unlocking endless creative possibilities during post-production.

Our expertise extends beyond camera work. We seamlessly integrate motors and pneumatics into our productions, synchronising their actions with precision. From powering turntables, rotators, droppers, and conveyors with motors to controlling the speed and distance of dynamic movements with pneumatics, we create captivating visuals. Imagine food ingredients gracefully colliding mid-air to showcase a product's composition or a coffee machine's features explored through a combination of the robot arm and a turntable.

Furthermore, our robot arm becomes a versatile model mover. By attaching products, lights, or other elements, we can seamlessly move them in front of a static camera. This innovative approach reduces reliance on computer-generated imagery (CGI), as we capture real-time movements that replicate the fluidity of CGI in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

Located in a drive-in studio with a floating ceiling, our facility is fully equipped to meet the demands of modern photography and videography. We also provide ample on-site parking, conveniently located near the M3 J4 for easy access.

Experience the expertise and creativity of our studio as we bring your inanimate objects and moving subjects to life through our impeccable photography and motion production.

Sustainability - Green Credentials

At our studio, we are dedicated to prioritising sustainability in all aspects of our work. Jason and our team are committed to implementing eco-friendly practices for every shoot we undertake. We take pride in our green credentials and actively work towards reducing our environmental footprint.

Here are some of the sustainable practices we have adopted:

* Minimising printing: We prioritise digital alternatives to reduce paper usage and minimise waste.

* Reusing materials: We make a conscious effort to reuse all polystyrene and correx materials that were purchased in the past, ensuring they are recycled or replaced only when necessary.

* Reducing single-use plastic: We actively promote the reduction of water bottle consumption during shoots, encouraging the use of reusable alternatives.

* Responsible waste management: All leftovers from our shoots are carefully assessed, and whenever possible, they are rehomed or donated. We are committed to recycling or composting materials to minimise landfill waste.

We believe that sustainability should not come at an extra cost. By working together and making small changes, we can all contribute to achieving sustainable practices without compromising quality or budget. Our studio actively utilises resources provided by Adgreen to stay informed and continually improve our impact on the planet, ensuring a greener future for everyone who follows us.

Join us in our commitment to sustainability as we strive to make a positive difference through environmentally conscious photography practices.

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