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Nick Rees

Photographer Overview

Nick Rees is a London based photographer and director. Working with international brands and agencies, Nick develops images and film which show the products as heroes within their own world.​

Alongside Nick’s main speciality in shooting drinks and liquids, his technical skill and approach translate perfectly into everything from luxury products to people. This way of working allows him to approach a shoot quickly and creatively, with the view that production and post-production are an art form in themselves, everything is considered from client call to final ad.

His pictures are a testament to his zealous attention to detail, with experience working with clients across the world, from sandy beaches to mountain tops and countless studios.​​ However, they always seem to end up in the bar at the end to celebrate and share a bit of life.

When Nick isn’t taking pictures he is running after his two kids, or enjoying all the culinary wonders he possibly can.​​​

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