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Nick Dawe

Photographer Overview

Portrait and photographer of people based in London, but always happy to travel anywhere. When not working on commercial assignments I am regularly pursuing personal projects, which can initially start with fulfilling a fascination with something, before becoming published at a later date.

My photography is about celebrating life or lives and I always strive to observe those elements to reinforce this, irrespective of whether the scenario is a personal project or a commissioned assignment. Although I am always clear on what I am looking for when producing photographs, I would not want this to preclude the opportunity to explore other possibilities - some of my best received imagery came about precisely of this genuine curiosity and active investigation.

Recent clients include The Bakkavör Group, BBC, British Showjumping, Conran Design, The Food Standards Agency, GEA Group, Grand Designs Magazine, The Independent, Phaidon, Southern Water and The Telegraph Magazine.

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