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Matt Davis

Photographer Overview

I'm a portrait photographer, creating content for ad and design agencies all over the UK. I didn't always do this. I taught English in Japan and holidayed in war zones before landing a proper job in commercial banking. I spent most of my time planning my resignation and unleashing plenty of frustration in kickboxing tournaments. Then I took the plunge and started shooting people instead.

10 short years later and it all seems to have gone pretty well. My work is represented by a gallery alongside some of the industry's leading lights and i've been shortlisted for the AOP awards over 20 times. I've shot outdoor campaigns for Silent Night, Adidas, Network Rail and Liverpool FC and been privileged to have my work featured in Campaign and Creative Review.

I create portraits with a distinct look and feel, full of energy and character. All of my images tell a unique story, crafted with cinematic light and meticulous attention to detail. It's my way of bringing ideas and campaigns to life so my clients stand out with innovative photography they're proud to own.

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