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Roger Cracknell

Photographer Overview

With over 25 years experience as a freelance photographer, I have travelled extensively on assignments for Advertising, Corporate, Travel and Architectural clients worldwide over the last three decades,
My portfolio encompasses a broad canvass - I do a lot of my best work after dark, particularly capturing cityscapes and open spaces.
In parallel to my professional work, I have undertaken an on-going personal project exploring the cultural diversity of people and traditions often seen at obscure festivals both in faraway places as well as across the UK.
My photographs have been published in a variety of media including travel, hotel and corporate publications, Conde Naste, Sunday Times, Observer and Telegraph magazines. And have many years experience working with several major international corporations and brands.
My most recent architectural project has been for Cheval Developments - 3 Quays, in one of the most desirable locations in London.

Roger Cracknell

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