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Katie Hayward

Photographer Overview

My professional practice specialises in food, fine dining and working with food-focused hospitality venues across the UK. This can quite often incorporate wider genres such as place and landscape, and is usually relevant for businesses that supply food and produce to hospitality venues and for those who want to give context to their location and tell their wider story. I also frequently incorporate portraiture of key staff members and imagery of interior spaces of venues. My professional work has been used in an editorial context and has been published in Essex Living Magazine, The Caterer Magazine and The Michelin Guide.

My personal photography practice is concerned with landscape, place and the natural environment. My projects are series-based and usually work with narrative. I have exhibited my personal work in the UK on multiple occasions and have installations of my work within hospitality venues. Some of my personal work has been licensed for commercial use.

I hold a BA (Hons) in Photography as well as having academic credentials in Digital Marketing and Leadership Management.

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