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Anukriti Goswami

Photographer Overview

Anukriti is a Photographer and Director, specializing in Drinks, Food and Advertising.

Her aesthetic sensibility and an undying passion for art has significantly contributed to her growth in a short period of time. She comes from a family of artists, and has grown up working with distinguished photographers and creatives.

It is her bold creative eye and unapologetically unconventional artistic work that has quickly brought her recognition and success as a prominent photographic talent in the industry. Anukriti has had the pleasure of being commissioned for a variety of projects and campaigns with leading advertising agencies, award-winning creative professionals and celebrated brands. She brings a fresh perspective and her own distinctive style to each project.

With an unmistakable visual style and technical expertise, Anukriti is constantly pushing boundaries and creating work that makes waves.

She is also an advisory board member of the Creative Photography Program at Humber College and enjoys mentoring new students and upcoming graduates.

She currently works in London, NYC & Toronto.

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