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Holly McGlynn

Photographer Overview

With her infectious personality and strong communication skills, photographer Holly McGlynn has attracted the attention of many international brands and magazines. Her style of photography is feminine and feminist and reflects her sense of fun. Acknowledging the role she plays in shaping the media women consume, Holly is committed to promoting diversity in the fashion and beauty industries. A regular contributor to Stylist Magazine, Holly will do almost anything to get the shot, including infamously getting naked to photograph at a naturist swimming pool.

She is particularly passionate about working with brands who are committed to reducing their impact on the planet and have true sustainability and respect for garment workers at the top of their agenda. Concerned with the climate crisis, Holly has been working to build a better industry through education, community organisation and sitting on environmental local authority boards.

Supporting and connecting with the next generation of photography talent is a great privilege, which Holly does through teaching at Central St Martins and speaking and workshop opportunities at places such as Soho House, Goldsmiths College, Plymouth College of Art and the Gallery of Photography, Ireland.

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