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Jon Attenborough

Photographer Overview

In 2002 I left England and headed to Australia with the single aim of bagging myself a job on an Aussie soap in the sunshine. Through persistence and a bit of luck, I got my first break and was hired as a runner on Home & Away. Over the next eight years, I went on to work as an assistant director on commercials, dramas and feature films including Wolverine, Superman and Baz Luhrmann’s Australia.

During my time on set, I got the opportunity to work alongside some of the best photographers in the industry. It was these experiences when they’d come to shoot the actors, that inspired me to pick up a camera and become a photographer myself.

After eleven years in Australia, I swapped Bondi for Hackney. Now firmly back in England and forging a career in an industry I love, I’ve been lucky enough to shoot for brands including American Express, Google, The Sunday Times Magazine, HSBC, Reebok, National Geographic, Nikon and Conde Nast Traveller.

I strive to give my work an authenticity underscored with documentary flare and a clean filmic finish. My experience working in the film industry and my pared-back approach allows me to draw out the best in my subjects, conveying engaging narratives in one single frame.

I'm happily representing myself and use the producers at Soho Curious & Co. to help facilitate jobs of any size. I've found this allows me to be much more hands-on creatively whilst still offering top-level production support.

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