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Ben McDade

Photographer Overview

It’s all about people for Ben. Whether it’s capturing them in their everyday lives or professional contexts, photographing real people, models, actors, sportsman, it doesn’t matter. What matters to Ben is about building a connection with them, whoever they are, putting them at ease and helping create an environment where beautiful, authentic imagery can be made.

Ben is based in London and works all over the world, regularly shooting advertising and commercial commissions, from intimate reportage, to much larger scale projects, working alone or with extensive crews, either on location or in studios, he feels at home with any brief and setting.

Some of Ben's clients :

Adidas / AMEX / ARM / Barclays / British Airways / Capital One / Carlsberg / Coca-Cola / GAP / HSBC / Jaguar Land Rover / M&S / Microsoft / Philips / Sainsbury's / Sony Pictures / SuperDry / Verizon

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