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I am a fashion and people photographer. I grew up in Belfast, moved to Manchester for Uni and now live and work in London.

My work commercial assignments have seen me to shoot in the UK and Internationally and my work has been published in many magazines across the globe.
It has allowed me to meet and photograph many actors, authors, singers, designers, models and entrepreneurs.

My personal projects allow me the freedom to tell alternative fashion stories showing the impact overproduction and overconsumption has ethically and environmentally and am in the middle of a large project where I am photographing and interviewing the women who are leading the call for change within the fashion sector.

My photography has been winning awards recently, winning a Gold series and Silver image plus Merits in 10 other categories, in the 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards.

2 Merits in the IPAwards 2021.

Right now, I am a finalist in the 37th AOP Awards with a Documentary Series of images.

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