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Matthew Joseph

Photographer Overview

Matthew Joseph is an award-winning people-focussed advertising photographer & director.

He is a visual storyteller who uses his years of experience behind the camera in a huge variety of situations, cultures and climates across the world, to help connect global brands with their local audience through stills and motion.

Whether on a large set full of complex lighting, cast and crew in California, or in a remote Ethiopian village with just his camera, subject and a language barrier; his keen eye for detail and an understanding of human emotion enables him to document authenticity time and time again.

He is proud to have been included in Lürzer’s Archive ‘Top 200 Ad Photographers Worldwide’ for 2017/18, 2019/20 & 2021/22

Matthew is based in London but gladly follows his work around the world.

Clients include:
Barclays, Canon, Chivas Regal, Coca Cola, GAME, Herbalife, Hertz, HIVE, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Medela, Mastercard, Mollie, Nestle, Pura, Radiocentre, South Eastern Rail, Tearfund, Thames Water, The Guardian, The North Face, Tide Bank, Tui, Sony, Walgreens, World Remit, XERO, Zipcar, Zurich Insurance.

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