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Myles Morgan Bailey


Phone: 07415888862
Fax: -
Mobile: -
Based in: London
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Experience: 2 Years Experience

Assistant Overview


I'm Myles, a hard working, reliable photographic assistant. I specialise in lighting & medium format film. I am also competent with moving image lighting and equipment - have a good understanding of what is necessary on each set. Currently based in South East London.

BA Hons Photography, Arts University Bournemouth - First Class Honours.

Assisted Photographers, DoPs & Gaffers:
Adama Jalloh, Charlotte Ellis, Camilla Dazzi, Francis Augusto, Frank Fieber, Gabby Laurent, Gabriel Mango, Gary Burchell, Ibrahim Azab, Jack Orton, Kiefer Passey, Marcus Clackson, Ronan McKenzie, Rid Burman, Rob Gifford, Serena Brown, Tami Aftab, Wendy Huynh.

Axis, Elle, Esquire, GQ, John Lewis & Partners, Levi's, Malibu, Women's Health, We Are Soul, Sony Music, Wax Clothing, British Vogue

Profoto, Broncolor & Bowens flash
Arri HMI D25, M18, S60-C Skypanel
Aperture series
Canon 5D series
120mm (Mamiya RB & RZ67 series, Hassleblad 500cm)
35mm analogue (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus)
Canon Super 8 Autozoom
Source Four

Additional skills:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Lightroom Classic
Black and white darkroom
Colour darkroom
Beginner level with Capture One

2022 - 23' Revolv Collective Award Recipient
2020 EIZO Colour Award Shortlisted Feature ‘Featherweight’

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