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Michael Wellington


Phone: 07575462475
Fax: -
Mobile: 07575462475
Based in: London
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Experience: 4 Years Experience

Assistant Overview

I have recently graduated from the BA Fashion Photography at London Metropolitan University, during my degree I have developed excellent skills in tethered shooting with Capture One Pro as well as lighting such as Profoto, Bowens and Kinoflow.

October 2022 - Internship as studio assistant at Shutterhouse Studios This position lead to assisting on jobs with clients such as Apple Music, L’ Officiel Magazine, Elle Magazine, Wonderland magazine. I worked with photographers Annemarie Sterian, Olivia Bossert & Karolina Weilocha.
Duties included:
• Camera and Lighting operations: loading and unloading medium format films,
operating DSLR of various format and ensuring batteries and memory cards are
organised, setting up lighting (Bowens, Amaran, Arri) according to instructions.
• Capture One: setting up equipment for tethered shooting, running of Capture One
and being in charge of colour and lighting corrections based on the direction given by photographers, organising files and creating backups, ensuring images are correctly keyword and archived.
• Set Design: setting up coloramas and fabric backgrounds, operating power tools and building wooden set designs.
• Health and safety such as cable management, sandbags, set supports.


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