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© Marcel Christ, Finalist, Non-Commissioned Objects Series, AOP Photographers Awards 2014

By becoming a member of the Association of Photographers you automatically become part of a wider community of other photographers' agents, photographers, assisting photographers as well as the photographic industry as a whole.

The AOP not only looks out for the best interests of photographers but for their agents too. We have the knowledge and experience to help make sure photographers' best interests are protected. We speak with the combined voices of our membership and we are recognised by legislators, governments and other trade bodies as the credible, authoritative and respected professional association that promotes and protects our members and influences matters relating to photography.


If you are interested in supporting the AOP and its work including our stand on copyright laws we will welcome your application.

You must be proposed and seconded by two AOP Photographer members.

Agent membership does not extend to those photographers the agent represents. We ask Agent members to encourage their photographers to join the Association in their own right so they can take advantage of the range of benefits we offer, in particular becoming eligible to enter the Photographers Awards.

In summary we can provide you with:

  • Recognition as a member of a peer group that represents those at the top of their game.
  • Business and Legal support. Referral to specialist lawyers, retained by the AOP (first half hour consultation at a discounted members rate).
  • Invitation to be part of the exclusive audience for the AOP Awards presentation.
  • Complimentary copy of the AOP Awards book.
  • Website presence within the AOP Members search list including contact information, website and email links.
  • Website presence on the Agents page including contact information, website and email links. Additionally, represented AOP photographers will have a link direct to their image folio on the AOP site.
  • Monthly e-newsletter and blog.
  • Access to the AOP's Applestore where all items are sold at discounted prices (UK residents only).
  • Quarterly Image Magazine App.                                                                                                        - See Issue #1, our first 'exclusive', open free download to all members and non-members. Available through the iTunes Store here & as an online PDF here.
  • Access to workshops and seminars at member prices.
  • Access to free PDF version of Beyond the Lens
  • Access to our e-mail forum; a community that shares advice and always has an immediate answer to a question. In addition we provide a web forum for less urgent queries or more general discussion.
  • Various special discounts and offers from 3rd party companies.
  • Discounts on all the AOP's publications including the Awards book, Beyond the Lens and any future publications.
  • Free buy/sell advertisements on the AOP's website.
  • Free Job Shop advertisements on the AOP's website (NB not to be used to advertise for freelance assistants).

For more information email us at


  • £280 p/a - plus VAT

N.B.  For any card payments please contact the office on +44(0)203 327 7207


Voting Rights:

Agent members of the AOP have voting rights. This entitles you to attend our Annual General Meeting and vote on any motions or resolutions regarding the AOP and for those members who may stand for the AOP's Board of Directors. As an Agent member you are eligible to sit on the Board.

Comments about the AOP:

"United we stand, divided we fall' was never truer than in the photography industry. The AOP works tirelessly to help the careers of individuals whilst fighting for the rights of all in our industry, including us agents! We believe in what the AOP stands for and are proud to show this by being members". - Niall Horton-Stephens

"I've been an agent member of the AOP for over 10 years now and, I must admit, they make my job just that little bit easier. The AOP present plenty of opportunities to gain exposure, network and keep you informed of the latest industry topics - all important stuff when you're an agent. The email forum, your agency website profile, Image magazine, the newsletters, job shop, the private views, the talks, the events - the AOP help you connect and stay connected." - Lisa Pritchard

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