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John Alexander

Photographer Overview


I’m a visual storyteller dedicated to crafting narratives and developing images to engage the viewer, evoke emotion and inspire the mind.

A former Navy Diver I apply the experience of an earlier career managing complex operations with a collaborative mindset and positive perspective to mitigate the challenges of creative production.

Behind the lens my humanist nature, and a tactile approach to direction, secure a sense of authenticity and connection within the frame.


An explorer at heart I was brought up on a small island and having forged an early connection with the sea my passion for adventure led me to a career in the Royal Navy.

Once at sea, and camera in hand, my inspiration came while documenting moments afloat and moments undersea, a practice that led me to become a professional photographer.

Internationally published, and an accredited member of the Association of Photographers, my work features in a variety of titles, as well as within advertising, fashion and broader commercial campaigns.

Collaborations and general enquiries:

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