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23 October 2020

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We catch up with our friends at MOT Models, who have been sponsors of the Fashion & Beauty category of the AOP Awards since they began. Read on to hear about how you can prepare for a smooth shoot using models, how they have adapted to COVID times and the ever evolving photographic world.


© JC Candanedo. AOP Photography Awards 2020 - SILVER - Fashion & Beauty category.


Having had a long standing relationship with the AOP can you remind our members of your offering for professional photographers and how you are delivering to clients under the current COVID constraints.

MOT Models has been providing that vital link between some of the best models from all over the world and you, our clients, for many years. We are a by-word for excellent models, fair dealing and an highly efficient and friendly booking team that is second to none.

During the present COVID crisis, we have remained open at all times and, despite many of us having to work from home since March, have striven to maintain the highest standards of service and the greatest availability of in-town models.


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© J Konrad Schmidt. AOP Photography Awards 2020 - Finalist - Fashion & Beauty category.

Why should photographers and creative use MOT over other model agencies?

MOT Models provides excellent and reliable models and they are supported by a strong booking team whose role is to make sure that all commissions we are asked to fulfil, whether large or small, are successful for our clients.



© Olivia Beasley. AOP Photography Awards 2020 - Finalist - Fashion & Beauty category.

How can photographers prepare to ensure a smooth shoot using models?

There are a number of key steps. Most are common sense and relate to how we approach each other as people:
a) Know what your client wants and needs from the models you are considering
b) Select models from reputable and reliable agencies as the booking process will be smoother, more reliable and, if anything does go wrong, you have someone who will help you out
c) Try to check the models are capable of achieving what you need them to do either by casting them in studio or by video
d) if you have confidence in the booker you are negotiating, be prepared to take the booker’s advice. She will know what the model can and can’t do
e) Make sure the model is briefed well prior to the booking so he or she doesn’t get any surprises and nor do you
f) Spend time with the model when he or she arrives and make sure they understand what is expected of them from the outset of the shoot
g) If you are in a position to do so, give the model a time schedule
h) Ensure there is adequate food, drink, changing and toilet facilities
i) Always treat the model with dignity and, if the shoot is very intensive, that there are good break periods


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© Elisabeth Hoff. AOP Photography Awards 2020 - Finalist - Fashion & Beauty category.

Now in their 36th year, MOT have sponsored the AOP Awards since they started. Why is it important for MOT to support the Awards?

I could say that it was just a bad habit but it wouldn’t be true. When MOT Models was founded at about the same time as the AOP Awards, nearly all of our clients were photographers. At a time of intense economic disruption, we helped photographers keep working with excellent models at fees commensurate with the economic crisis at the time and so developed a symbiotic relationship which continues to this day. It just seems only right that we sponsor the AOP Awards and give a little back.


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© Dirk Rees. AOP Photography Awards 2020 - Finalist - Fashion & Beauty category.

What’s next for MOT Models?

MOT Models is constantly evolving, somewhat like the technology that drives the photographic world. Our models now have to be able be capable of working with moving images as well as posing for a stills image when required so the type of model we represent has changed and will undoubtedly continue to do so. Influencers have become increasingly important, so we represent many models who are also big-time influencers. Our client base has shifted somewhat with the advent of fewer catalogue shoots and more on-line sales. Whatever happens, we seem to be able to adapt and we look forward to working with all of our clients throughout the world in the future and developing our own service so that it is more informative, helpful and timely.


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