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FOCUS: Currency UK

9 October 2020

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We catch up with Currency UK, sponsors of the Photojournalism category of the AOP Awards 2020.  Read on to find out about their offering for photographers. Sign up for their webinar running on 22 October.

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© Nigel Davies. AOP Awards 2020 finalist - Photojournalism category

Tell us about yourselves and your place in the professional photography world.

At Currency UK we make it easier, safer and more cost-efficient for businesses and individuals  to transact abroad in multiple currencies. In short, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes get more for their money overseas.

If you are managing budgets abroad or earning fees from other countries, you most likely have some exposure to currency risk.  We understand that international invoices can be difficult to manage and with the volatile foreign exchange markets, it can seem almost impossible. Where we can help is by offering you expert guidance on the potential pitfalls of international invoicing and foreign exchange and being able to offer you excellent exchange rates.


Where are you based and are your clients local or worldwide?

We are based in London but support businesses and individuals all over the world with their foreign exchange requirements.



© Sam Bénard. AOP Awards 2020 finalists. Photojournalism category.


How has the pandemic affected your offering to clients?

In terms of our actual services, we have been able to operate in the way we usually would. Our team in London have been working from home, but we have had a fairly seamless transition, allowing our clients to get the service they have come to expect.

When looking at currency, the pandemic has resulted in lots of uncertainty for businesses and as a result, has caused market volatility. We support our clients from a risk management perspective as part of our standard service but protecting finances and income has also been a big part of our work this year.



© Nick Dolding. AOP Awards 2020 finalist. Photojournalism category.

Why is it important to Currency UK to support the AOP Photography Awards?

Photography is certainly an industry where understanding how exchange rates can impact your bottom line is crucial and having a foreign exchange expert by your side to take care of your international payments can be a huge plus.


Allen Storey Carol 3050 2

© Carol Allen-Storey. AOP Awards 2020 finalist. Photojournalism category.


What's next for Currency UK?

First and foremost, we could still have a long road ahead in terms of the pandemic and its impact globally, so the main focus continues to be how we can support businesses in these times of uncertainty.

Looking ahead from our perspective, we do have some exciting things on the horizon from a technology side that will allow us to expand our service offerings even further, both in the way we support businesses and individuals.


Join Currency UK at 11.30am on Thursday 22nd October to find out more about how foreign exchange can impact your income. Further details can be found Here


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