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KICKSTARTER: Being Inbetween by Carolyn Mendelsohn

27 July 2020

Jodieaged10 copy

© Carolyn Mendelsohn. Jodie aged 10.

“Being Inbetween” is a photographic portrait series documenting and exploring the lives thoughts and feelings of girls aged between 10 and 12; exploring the complex transition between girlhood and young adulthood; resulting in photographic portraits with words taken from interviews exploring their thoughts and lives. It really is a portrait of our time - through the faces and words of the girls. 

The project is being published by Bluecoat Press launching as a kickstarter on 28th July 2020, with a forward by Zelda Cheatle and an essay by Anne McNeill director of Impressions Gallery.


© Carolyn Mendelsohn. Mable aged 10


This year the work won the portrait series of the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, and 3 portrait were selected as winners in the British Journal of Photography Openwalls Arles competition. 


Eden Nyeaged11 

© Carolyn Mendelsohn. Eden-Nye Aged 11.

This work stems from strong memories of this part of my Carolyn's life, "The things people said to me at that point really stuck in my head, generally the throwaway comments, or the little criticisms from teachers, parents or peer group; comments stick and influence us for a long time after, sometimes well into adult hood. This work and the way it is exhibited is my way of exploring the lives of these girls, giving them power and allowing their voices to be heard. It is celebrating the beauty that is wholly them, one that is sometimes concealed in silence, attitude, embarrassment and self-consciousness.”


© Carolyn Mendelsohn. Aisha Aged 11.

Find more information on the kickstarter here 

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