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FUNDRAISER: George McLeod - Barbie on Lockdown

13 July 2020

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© George McLeod

The onset of the pandemic sent member George McLeod into panic mode, like many of us. With plans for the year coming to a abrupt holt, George felt a pull to be creative. George wanted to create a light hearted project with the emphasis on being funny and to contrast with the overwhelming daily bad news we were receiving. The Barbie project was created to make his friends laugh on Instagam and to keep himself busy as well as wanting to give something back.


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© George Mcleod


I wanted to be very strict about not breaking the lockdown rules so it needed to all be shot without leaving the house, when Barbie arrived I had the idea that I could use my TV as a backdrop and suddenly I wasn't confined to the four walls of my small flat. I now own 10 Barbies. My friend actually had the idea of getting them printed as box sets and I wanted to do something to show appreciation for the NHS so it just made sense to sell them as a charity raising effort.


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© George McLeod


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© George McLeod


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