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KICKSTARTER: Lion - Pride Before the Fall by George Logan

16 June 2020

PrideBeforeTheFall Maridadi copy

© George Logan

Longstanding member George Logan has launched a Kickstarter to produce a landmark photographic book, celebrating the lifecycle of the African Lion in all its natural beauty, drama and raw ferocity. All proceeds from the book will support, protect and help re-establish 'The Last Lions of Meru' in Kenya, a major conservation initiative in collaboration with The Born Free Foundation.

 PrideBeforeTheFall GrowingPains2

 © George Logan


'Lion: Pride Before the Fall' presents an array of poignant, thought provoking images with a clear, vital message: join the fight to protect the last remaining wild African Lions… or risk losing them forever. This large format, 176 page hardback coffee table book will feature a captivating collection of wild Lion photography, as well as a dedicated conceptual art section representing the real threats that Lions still face.  The foreword will be written by Virginia McKenna OBE.


PrideBeforeTheFall Charge

© George Logan


"I have been following and photographing Lion prides all over Africa for the last ten years, including Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. This book is the culmination of that journey.

Uniquely, we’ve collaborated with some of the best creative minds at London's top agencies, to produce powerful imagery which confronts and highlights the dangers that the last remaining Lions still face, such as habitat-loss, canned hunting, trophy hunting, human-wildlife conflict and the real possibility of extinction. These images will spearhead campaigns to raise awareness and accompany the book launch. We also aim to support this project with a short film, exhibitions, social media campaigns and publicity stunts, all aimed at raising awareness for Lion conservation.”

PrideBeforeTheFall Survivor

© George Logan


This book will serve as a stark reminder of all that we stand to lose. Because with fewer than 20,000 Lions left, the time to act is now if we are to secure a future for Africa's most iconic species.



© George Logan


View the dedicated book website below and follow the kickstarter link to donate to a very good cause.


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