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Member Project: Through Our Lens, Carolyn Mendolsohn

22 May 2020

Susie Lawrence Photography 7small

© Susie Lawrence

Through Our Lens - Self Isolation Project 13-18

A Project with Carolyn Mendelsohn

The original aim of this project was to work with young people based in the city and district of Bradford aged 12-18 to photographically document their experience during this challenging time of lockdown and social distancing /isolation.

When lockdown was announced I was (like many other photographer) creating a visual diary of my experience. I responded to a call out by Bradford Council for Artists to respond to the lockdown situation, and were allocating small but significant grants to do so. I felt the voice of teenagers were missing, and wanted to see if I could work with a diverse group in Bradford District via zoom, running workshops and mentoring them, with the aim for them to use photography to explore their situation, and to enable the young people's original creative voices to shine. 

 ChesterJones Age15

© Chester Jones, age 15.

Most had never taken photographs before, most use their phones, I hate(ed) video conferencing . 
That was in the past. For the past 7 weeks the group have been meeting with me once a week via zoom. I mentor them on a daily basis. Their work has been applauded by some amazing photographers and curator across the world. Me, well I am so proud of them. Their growth and commitment have been unbelievable. 

 HarryBerry age16a

© Harry Berry, age 17.

The work has been seen on Huffington Post , and other printed media. This morning it was online on BBC Breakfast in a lovely little film. You can follow them on Instagram  , and I would love it if you are able to. Great for these young people to get feedback from photographers and artists. 


© Esme Duckworth, age 13.

My dream is to develop the work further, with the young people, and to start working with other groups of people who are disempowered and 'locked down'. This work has given me a new lease of life (all my work was cancelled - including a major exhibition and book. ) I have just set up a patreon page, and if any of you would like to and are able  to (I realise we are all in such challenging times) please do take at look and see if you are able to support this in any way. Thank you so so much. Also if anyone wants to ask me any questions about how I have delivered the project, please feel free to ask.

Follow the project on Instagram at @through_our_lens_covid19_proj

Follow Carolyn Mendelsohn at @carolynmendelsohn_

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