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Tom Hull

Photographer Overview

It's a tricky thing to put an exact timeline on how long I've been 'a photographer' for. It's basically the only thing I know, having started making images at 15 years old, growing up in Brighton. Now approaching the BIG FOUR OH it would seem it's been the best part of 25 years that I've held a camera in my hands.

After 6 years of focused studying and 7 years as a top-flight assistant in London, I have solely been shooting my own commissions since 2011, but never not called myself a photographer during that whole, lengthy process!

I count myself a lucky lad - I work in an industry I love, making images of people and things that inspire me, totally in my own, fluid and relaxed fashion. But I have worked very hard to enjoy the fruits of my 'luck'.

To summarise my work, I would say I am a contextual portrait photographer; I document what other people have a passion for and in general are exceptionally talented at. Sharing and championing those talents through my photography is what drives me to keep shooting.

Commissions come from advertising and design agencies, as well as charities and some clients directly. I am currently representing myself in the UK, but also have an agent with an incredible team supporting me in Antwerp, Belgium.

Other than photography, I have a busy family life, sharing three beautiful daughters with my amazing partner Laura, now living in Frome in Somerset after 14 great years in London. I often make trips to and from London to catch up with people for work and meetings, but am always very happy to come home to the rolling hills and faint smells of the local west country farms!

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