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10 January 2020

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Storytelling is paramount to being a photographer. Dan Prince talks to us about his passion for conveying a narrative through not only photography and filmmaking but through a recently launched series of podcasts - Over Thinker.

Dan Prince Gareth Southgate

© Dan Prince. Gareth Southgate


Tell us about how you got into photography & filmmaking?

A bit of a long story, but the shorter version is I was always passionate about film and visual arts all of my life. I bought a camera at twenty four, while working in an industrial job, a friend kept telling me my photos looked professional as I was always seeking portraits and street photography. I loved books by Tom Stoddart and Anton Corbijn. At twenty five I made the decision to quit work and study full time at Newcastle College. At twenty seven I moved to London and slept on friend's couches (Doug Kurn and Richard Allen) then got jobs assisting. Three years later I moved back to the North East, started lugging my portfolio around, slowly building up contacts and work. I am still doing the same to this day. More recently I started making films as I felt I could add more depth and narrative to my portrait and reportage projects. Now I feel all of my personal projects have developed a very narrative style, and always seek out depth to stories and projects that I am passionate about.


Dan Prince Kes

© Dan Prince. Kes. Awards 2019 Finalist, commissioned, Fashion & Beauty series.


What are you passionate about shooting and what do you feel makes your work unique?

I love people, narrative, a subject that just grips me and I have an idea I think will work and really want to do. I am not a photojournalist, but love the genre as well as the commercial world that I work in. I am always trying to find the balance, but more so, follow what I am passionate about, that just grabs me. A new challenge.

A lot of the time you can create something unique and interesting from what is on your doorstep. I feel you don’t have to travel to the far ends of the earth to capture that.


Dan Prince Hannah Cockroft

© Dan Prince. Hannah Cockroft.


You have recently launched a series of podcasts. Can you tell us more about these and why you chose to divert into this steam?

It’s not really a diversion. Podcasts I feel now are a great way to express another creative avenue for a certain purpose. For me, I spend a lot of time on the road, so listen to a lot. I don’t really listen to creative podcasts because I work and live it every day. I like story led podcasts. While interviewing Dylan Jones, a stunt horse rider for my recent project Diablo about a blind stunt horse, I sat and spoke to Dylan for a few hours. More than what I needed for my short film, but he was fascinating. I thought, if I find this fascinating why not record it and put it out for others to hear. This was really the trigger to start the podcasts. An extension of storytelling in a way.


Dan Prince Internet Addiction Disorder

© Dan Prince. Internet Addiction Disorder.


You have been a member of the AOP for many years, why is it important to you to be part of the AOP and which benefits are most valuable to you?

I like being part of a professional body of like-minded photographers and creatives. We all really just want one thing, to create and earn a living creating. It can be an isolating existence as a photographer, but we have an opportunity for our industry to see our work, be supported, and awards and community can help that need. The industry is changing, and I am changing with what and where I feel my direction of work is naturally progressing. I see the AOP doing the same, which is promising, and that want to change and progress is a must in life and business.


Dan Prince Diablo

© Dan Prince. Diablo.

What’s next for you?

Continue to grow my photography and film projects, long and short term, as well as aim to seek the next challenging commissions I really want to work on, with creative people who want to work with me as well as collaborate and create new ideas.


Dan Prince Lewis

© Dan Prince. Lewis


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