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10 January 2020

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StudioHire are the original studio rental site.  No matter how simple or obscure your requirements are StudioHire have a user friendly website and love a chat over the phone. There is no space too difficult to find! Read our interview below to find out more.

Tell us about StudioHire and how the business was formed?

Back in 1999 there wasn’t an online directory, the internet was still fairly new.  Mike needed somewhere to shoot at the last minute - he made a few calls and the studios offered to send him a brochure… ...say no more!

So … it seemed like a great idea (it was!) to give studios a platform to showcase their space and make it easy for everyone to source a place to shoot - a win win for studios and anyone looking to hire a studio. Really, the site was created out of necessity!  Flyers were sent out - studios were offered a subscription FOC for a year and it took off!



You are based in London but do you offer studios worldwide?

The majority of shoot spaces are located in London.  We have a good selection of studios located across the country plus a few international spaces. There is talk of an expansion on the horizon where we are planning to create separate sites for National + International studios/locations.


Can you tell us more about the range of spaces you have on offer?

We began by showcasing photographic and film studios.  There are now a number of location spaces on offer also. We have many venues that also host events such as: Launches - Conferences - Celebratory Events -Weddings - Music Gigs - DJ Nights etc


What advice can you give to photographers, agencies, anyone else, looking for space to hire? 

When you’re looking for space to hire, provide as much information as possible including a rough budget.  You’ll find spaces appreciate this and are willing to be flexible to meet budgets where possible. Note - They may have had a last minute cancellation or would like to fill a ‘floating day’ in an otherwise booked week and offer a discounted rate - there are bargains to be had!

We are very happy to assist in any way, just email us at HQ -

We also have the opportunity to access all areas where there are no restrictions regarding contacting spaces direct. All our listings are up to date as we help out with text and image upload.  StudioHire is very familiar with members' spaces so we are very well equipped to point enquirers in the right direction and/or send links to spaces that would work well for a particular shoot/event. 

If it helps clients out we’ll put out an APB and ask selected studios/locations to respond to the enquiry should they be available and able to accommodate the brief. Some clients prefer to recce the studio or location in advance of the shoot or event.


Tell us about the Super Search on your website?

This allows clients and site users to enter specific criteria, for example, a soundproof space with 3 phase power may be required. The selection is monitored by us.  It’s important that the client receives responses from spaces that fit the bill, which is why it’s essential to supply as many details as possible with regard to requirements at the get go, otherwise the process is delayed and can lead to disappointment from both ends! If enquirers want to browse options, they can add spaces to the Light Box for further scrutiny.

Why is it important for you to be affiliated with the AOP? 

This links back to your question about what advice we’d give to photographers, art directors, advertising and production companies.  The AOP represents top photographers, production companies and agencies in the industry - we know that they find us very useful and use our resource on a regular basis.  It also sends a message that we are serious about the business of studio hire.  Clients and visitors to the site should be able to relax in the knowledge that they’re in great hands when they hire a studio - we’ve all heard horror stories!

The AOP has a great reputation and being affiliated gives hirers that extra confidence that spaces on our site are trustworthy and professional.  We’ve also received valuable guidance from the AOP team on diverse issues which has helped us advise our members.

Note that AOP members are offered a preferential rate by selected studios/locations

Login to your members dashboard for more details.


Why should photographers, agencies, etc use

We have a wide range of shoot space to suit all budgets and are the original studio rental site.

We don't charge commission which leaves studios completely free to negotiate prices without worrying about how much they will have to pay an agent and we're always around to give guidance or advice if a studio or prospective hirer needs it.


Why would you list your space?

Try us and find out!


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