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AWARDS 2020 CURATOR FOCUS: Daniel Moorey

9 January 2020

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Daniel Moorey, Head of Photography & Illustration at adam&eveDDB, talks to us about the importance of entering awards and the critical exposure it can bring to your work.

Can you tell us your role at adam&eveddb?

I’m head of photography and illustration so I largely work on some of the more award winning or important jobs the agency produces. I also get involved a lot in working with other producers or creatives that can utilise my experience on a myriad of other jobs. Additionally my role incorporates a number of projects that combine stills and film across the same overarching idea.


Which photographers inspire you?

I really love photographers that create a body of work that is so distinctive you can recognise their images. it might be a treatment they have or their subject matter or just a tone of voice. People like Nadia Lee Cohen, Simon Roberts, Olivia Arthur, Charles Jones, Daniel Steir, The Gibson Family, John Davies, James Ravilious, Thomas Albdorf etc


Can you talk about the importance of entering awards and the benefits?

Exposure! a huge number of people view the awards on the night, in the book and online. Many of those viewers are people that might commission you leading to everlasting health, wealth and happiness.


As curator of the project category what would your advice be to photographers entering?

Try to give your project some gravitas and depth. A series of images has more weight naturally but what turns your series of images into a project. Is it a formal concern with composition or colour? Are you exploring a community or subject matter in depth.


What, to you, makes for an award winning image?

We are all exposed to a huge number of images everyday of our lives. an award winning image cuts through that morass to be memorable, maybe for a few hours, maybe for a lifetime…….



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