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3 December 2019

Kathy Howes copy

We chat to freelance Senior Creative Producer/Art Buyer, Kathy Howes.  As curator of the Still Life & Object Category of the Photography Awards, Kathy offers her advice for those considering entering.

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a Creative Producer / Art Buyer.

I started life as a graphic designer working on magazines for an independent publishing house. I then became an art director, designing front covers and organising photo shoots for various magazines. That was when I found my niche. I just loved talking to various photographers I met and watching them craft ideas and images. 

If you had to name one campaign that has stood out to you this year what would it be and why?

There are far too many this year to name but I think the one that has stood out for me is the Ikea TVC ’Silence the Critics’. I also loved Battersea Cats and Dogs recent work - Rescue is our Favourite Breed.  

Can you talk about the importance of entering awards?

Entering awards is important because it creates value for the industry and its fantastic to be recognised for all the hard work and effort that goes into creating images. 

As curator of The Still Life & Object category what in your opinion makes for an awards winning image?

Something that grabs my attention. I’m looking for great subject matter, great lighting and humour too!

What would your advice be to people entering this category?

Enter as soon as you can. Always test. Always push yourself.

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