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2 December 2019

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Innovation was a new category of the Open Awards 2019. For the Awards 2020 Innovative work can be entered into each Award and its subsequent categories.  We catch up with Kai Bastard who won a gold for his submission into the innovation category of the AOP Open.


© Kai Bastard, Gold, Innovation, Open Awards 2019.

Tell us more about your Innovative piece of work, what’s the story behind it? 

We are now fully submerged into the digital world. Photography has been able to adapt with ongoing technological advances, but what makes it truly unique is it’s ability to amalgamate itself into other mediums transforming it from a linear state into an interactive medium. The ‘I Care What You Wear’ project builds upon the world of programmatic and contextual relevance. Serving photography that is the most relevant to the audience under particular set data points. These data points could be one or a combination of the following: gender recognition, colour identification, weather, location, time, emotional state. These can work either as a single point of focus or in combination with a few data points to create more of a targeted approach. This way of thinking is not to manipulate the photographers creative approach to image creation, but to enhance the photographic output to be more relevant within todays digital environment and too broaden the audience appeal and penetration.


Can you tell us something surprising about the image/s?

The screens can identify the gender, most prominent colour the person is wearing, and if they are wearing spectacles within 1 second of reviewing the audience member. The closest matching image that fits with the information provided is served from an option of thirty six alternative images. These photographic experiences don’t only provoke reaction, create more connection through being relevant they also give return via quantitive data. Turning a traditional one way exchange into an informative two way transaction. 


What impact has being a finalist/winner in last year’s awards had on your career?

Winning the Innovation awards has allowed me to build confidence in my own practice.


What does the AOP do for you? 

Though the AOP’s ongoing community support this allows knowledge and best practice to be shared, helping support self growth and awareness.

Have you got any advice for photographers considering entering the next awards?

Pursue the new and prepare to fail, as without testing and exploration we cannot find new avenues.


All categories of the Awards are accepting entries into Innovation. Visit our Awards Website to find out more and to enter

You can view more work from Kia Bastard in Find

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